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ARTO ESTATES. Attitude to Quality.

In providing a high quality luxury service, we look for ways to:
  • ensure we have information and resources to support our operations;
  • understand the needs of the industry, market and target auditory;
  • select professional employees and agents to maintain the highest standards;
  • continuously ensure the highest standard and quality of service;
  • ensure regulatory compliance;
  • monitor target auditory to determine the level of satisfaction after completion of work;
  • ensure that, not only sellers, clients and customers, but everyone involved benefits from the quality of Company’s work
  • set and review measurable business objectives;
  • commit to continuous improvement.

This statement demonstrates the relationship and attitude that ARTO ESTATES maintains towards to customers and standards of its service. Company requests wholehearted support and participation in this quest for quality from its employees/agents and partners.

ARTO ESTATES. Attitude to Customers and Partners.

The policy is to deliver a quality service that is superior to that of other providers in the industry and focussed on delivering effective service that is responsive to the needs of customers, clients and partners and ensures robust relationships with them. The philosophy that underpins Company’s business is the belief that, if Company participates in this industry it should be the best in providing the superior service!

ARTO ESTATES makes a formal promise, in its’ policy statements to customers, clients, sellers and all partners that represent its’ commitment to their satisfaction. Company commits to ensuring that all employees and agents fully understand Company’s Customer relations policy and protocols and during their duties implement all requirements of these.

Company seeks to provide a service that is based on trust and mutual respect. We believe that without a relationship carefully constructed between Company’s customers/ partners and its’ team trust and mutual respect cannot exist!
Success is not only measured by asset worth, it is measured by a personal trust!

ARTO ESTATES. After-Sales Service.

ARTO ESTATES is also offering high quality after-sale service to clients and customers: legal consulting, interior design, staging and renovation services as well as landscape design, car rent, housekeeping.
Service is provided by company’s specialists and outsources partners.

ARTO ESTATES presents Company’s department - ARTO Design & Renovations! A team of qualified professionals: architects and designers provide services in the internal reconstruction and renovation of the interior or in the creation of a new project for your dream home!

Moreover, due to the close cooperation with Real Estate partners ARTO ESTATES has acclaimed rights to sell the best prestige properties in the newest most attractive projects in Cyprus, such as Limassol Marina, Olympic Residence, Del Mar, DUMA residence, Coralli, Elea Estate etc.

Interesting Facts

79% of the population profess the Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus, about 19% are Muslim, and the rest other religions.

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