LIFE filled with Sun!

Sun - is the power of happiness, which allows us to exist and operate. Desire to act is a desire to live! Solar energy - the energy of happiness. When a person understands what the Sun, he knows what happiness is.

All the happiness, all the energy of happiness is the Sun. It is expressed directly in the sunlight. If a person was born in a northern country, where there is less sunshine, there is less force of a happiness inside him.

The influence of the Sun on people is known from ancient times. In ancient Egypt sick patients were taken outside for the sun and given a squeezed juice from ripe fruits, which, according to doctors, accumulated the "juice of Ra" (juice of the God of Sun). In ancient Rome the people built a platforms for the treatment by Sun - tanning salons.

The sun stimulates the "pleasure hormones", so it is believed that the sun's light - the best natural anti-depressant. Its positive influence extends to interpersonal relationships: if the cold makes us "closed", the Sun, on the contrary, "opens" people to the world and to others. That is why in the summer time it is easier to enter into new contacts and make new friends.

Medical Climatology confirmed that the influence of the Sun has a powerful preventive and therapeutic effects on humans. Sun therapy increases mental and physical efficiency, strengthens the nervous system, improves metabolism, blood flows, endocrine activities, increases the adaptive capacity of the organism.

Sun lets you be successful. Sun increases vitality, supports and inspires you!

The strategic location of the island of Cyprus and its mild climate for centuries attracted great conquerors, remaining on the periphery of the various empires.

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is considered to be the embodiment of the sun paradise on Earth. The unique healing climate, clean air, blue sea most of the year are the key to perfect health and longevity of people on the island.

Do you need more reasons to think about yourself and your relatives and began your movement to the Sun?

In the vanity days that fly faster and faster, people stopped to enjoy, have fun and love! In large metropolitan areas, we begin to forget for what, and for whom we live, we cannot stop, look around and think about the most important things: Can you live differently? Can I wake up with a year-round sun that shines 360 days in a year, can we more often see our loved ones and appreciate the joyful moments of communication? Is there a place in the world where parents will not worry for their children, where older people of all ages will feel better and younger, the people around you will smile and accepting you as a relative open the door for you? Our answer is - YES, there is such a place, a place close by and there will always be glad to see you!

ARTO ESTATES Company invites you to the island of Cyprus - the island of the four seasons, the island of warmth and serenity!

Your desire is our job! We offer you the best services for the selection of apartments, houses, villas, commercial properties! Your choice is wide! You can choose a variety of options either for rent for your holiday or for permanent life as well as for your business. Property search upon individual request and full support of any transactions, property management, investment consulting, registration and business support, registration of legal status in Cyprus for you and your family - services that offers its’ clients ARTO ESTATES! We propose a wide range of opportunities for business people who want to place their assets in a safe country and discover the island of Cyprus, as the proper place to do business!

ARTO ESTATES staff will tell you about all the advantages of living in Cyprus, you can get a proper advice and answers on all your questions.

ARTO ESTATES specializes in boutique luxury estates, which are located in Limassol and its’ regions, but in our database, we also have properties located in other cities and areas around the island - variety for every taste and any consumers’ basket.

ARTO ESTATES Company differs from most real-estate companies in Cyprus:

  • We carefully select properties, which are uploaded in our database;
  • We know very well the city in which we operate and the surrounding areas;
  • We work directly with the owners of the properties, without any intermediaries;
  • We pay attention to the needs of our clients and use individual approach in properties selection;
  • We provide a complete service related not only to the property search and maintenance but to your joyful stay on the island;
  • We guarantee the safety of your personal information;
  • In our team we have Russian-speaking, English-speaking managers and managers who speak Greek;
  • We carefully select partners that we work with;
  • We are a member of the PRESTIGE Group of Companies, which has an excellent reputation. Alliance of PRESTIGE members provides the best service to its customers on the island.

ARTO ESTATES Company operates in the real estate market for over 30 years. Our office is located in Limassol in one of the best resorts, culture, and financial centres of Cyprus. This city is also called "the Cypriot Riviera."

Everything here created and developed for a full life and a successful business! And most important - here is the Sun!

We hope that by visiting our website you will learn more about our Company and about the wonderful island of Cyprus!

We will be very glad to receive a call or to get a letter from you with your questions or comments!

You are always welcome in our office on 60, Amathuntas Avenue in Limassol!


Interesting Facts

In the Cypriot public schools are free not only for Cypriots but for all nationalities.

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