It always seems that the process of buying a property abroad is a difficult process. Foreign citizen knows the laws of the native country, but when it comes to such important decision as the purchasing a property or investing funds in a foreign country, he/she faces a number of questions and doubts.
Key questions: What is the process of buying property in Cyprus? What legal status can I receive and whether this status will allow me to stay in Cyprus for long or visit Cyprus at any time?
Before making an important decision of purchasing a property the process should be very clear and understandable for each potential customer.
ARTO ESTATES – Cyprus’ Company with years of experience in real estate sales. Consultants of the Company are always available to provide any information and give an advice to anyone who wants to understand the buying process, all the nuances and expenses, as well as to legalize themselves and their families abroad in Cyprus, which is part of the EU and will soon enter the Schengen.
On this web-site page we provide brief, comprehensive information about the process of buying property in Cyprus and legalization procedures.
If you are not an EU citizen and you are planning to come to Cyprus with a visa issued by the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in your native country (visa or pro-visa), it is important to understand the fact that issued visa (even if multiple visa was issued) allows you to stay in Cyprus only 90 days out of 180 days. In order to avoid unexpected situations and problems with the Immigration Service and for accurate calculation the days of your stay on the island, we suggest you to use the Days calculator (see below).

Days calculator

Table. Block 1
It is necessary to enter the dates for the period - 1 year and in accordance with the dates indicated in your entry and departure stamhs in your passport. Calculator will calculate the number of days which you already used and indicate the date when used dates will be reset.

Table. Block 2
After filling in Block 1 of the Table calculator will calculate the number of days which you allowed to stay in Cyprus starting from today’s date. If you are planning your trip to Cyprus on a specific date, enter this particular date in the "NUMBER OF DAYS AT THE DATE" and the calculator will calculate the number of legal days of stay in Cyprus.

Check-in Check-out Days Days will expire on

Spend days in Cyprus Can stay in Cyprus
Days by Today
Days by Date

Interesting Facts

There are various explanations for the fact that the country was named so. Of all the versions, the most likely was that the name of the country has gone from the word «Cuprum», which means "copper".

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