The sparkling blue Mediterranean sea, an expansive coastline providing a wide variety of beaches to choose from, ranging from secluded bays, to lively resorts, sandy beaches and rocky coves. Cyprus, that “ethereal and blessed land” that stands apart, serene and sacred with an irresistible fascination, is a paradise full of natural beauty, history, memories and culture.
It is an island of distinctive aura and charm, where the whole spectrum of Christianity’s historical and cultural development can be seen, from inception to the present day. Cyprus - the island of beauty, where according to Greek myth the goddess Aphrodite was born - was chosen as the first place to receive the great message of the new faith on the advent of Christianity.
Cyprus became the gateway through which the message of the Gospels spread throughout the length and breadth of the Ecumene. The first mission of the apostles Paul and Barnabas (the latter of Cypriot descent) occurred here in accordance with the will and wish of God: “..being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto Seleucia; and from thence they sailed to Cyprus” (Acts 12, 4).

The Island of Cyprus - an interesting and unforgettable island with its unique nature and unexpected views.
A successful location of the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea has always made it very attractive for those who prefer the bright sun that shines here 300 days a year, the warm Mediterranean, subtropical nature and, in the fact, all kinds of winter vacation sports.
The island of Cyprus is considered to be the Isle of four seasons!
Spring makes the island an ocean of flowering. Colourful flowers and shrubs cover the valley and the hills. In the green fields great variety of fruit and ornamental trees are blooming.
Summer in Cyprus - the realm of the warm sun and sea!
Autumn smells with herbs, fruits and wine, and an amazing strawberry tree is strewn with its red berries. During a mild winter on the coast the almond trees are blooming, the yellow-orange citrus tones gleam, while the mountains wrapped in a white snow blanket. The island is filled with countless flocks of song birds, flamingos, geese and swans.
The landscape painting is represented by two mountain ranges - Kyrenia mountains in the north and the rich forests in the Troodos region in the south-west, and the fertile plain Mezaoriya between them is stretching nearly 800 km coastline.
On one side - the beach and the sea, on the other are the forest and the mountains. Gentle hills and quaint coastal cliffs, picturesque bays and Mediterranean vegetation!
Changing accordingly seasonal contrasts beauty of Cyprus can discover each!

Interesting Facts

The resort town of Ayia Napa is recognized as one of the centres of European club life. Young people from all across the Europe are gathering In Ayia Napa.

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