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ARTO ESTATES is representing a higher standard since 1982 as licensed Real Estate Company, based in Limassol, Cyprus. The core of ARTO ESTATES expertise is the luxury residential Real Estate market all throughout Cyprus and especially in the boroughs of Limassol and it’s the best areas.
ARTO ESTATES is a private Company which was founded and presently owned by Mr. Aristotelis Spyrou. Company is located at 60, Amathountas Avenue in Sandiz Beach Complex in the tourist area of Limassol, along the seafront road.

Over the years, ARTO ESTATES has extended its properties’ portfolio from apartments to luxury houses and prestigious estates (villas, land, commercial properties).

ARTO ESTATES provides a comprehensive upscale range of services. It is involved with all aspects of luxury and boutique Real Estate property sales and after-sales service and as well as it covers all price brackets (all socio-economic class groups).

ARTO ESTATES. Priorities.

ARTO ESTATES недвижимость Кипра
  • Customers and Partners
  • Best Luxury Properties
  • Brand
  • Reputation
  • Team


The primary goal of ARTO ESTATES team’s is to provide the highest quality of service through a teamwork approach. Company’s non-competitive atmosphere makes us unique and allows Company to work with its sales force together and effective. Company provides a community network and insures that each member of the team is always available to help. The teamwork approach means that each and every staff member works together to increase the overall productivity of the Company, thus providing the ultimate in assistance to the customers, clients, sellers, buyers, owners and partners who utilize Company’s services.
The team at ARTO ESTATES is committed to an aggressive marketing approach, utilizing proven and innovative techniques to project ARTO ESTATES image to the public, while striving to operate in a fiscally responsible manner in the daily operation of our business. To this end, the Company hires only the best qualified personnel in all aspects of our profession and provides them with the highest quality of support, marketing materials and management.


To be a profitable Real Estate company based in Cyprus that focuses on unique estate solutions in terms of boutique, superior service both to local and international customers that want to invest in luxury Real Estate in Cyprus.

ARTO ESTATES. Membership.

ARTO ESTATES is a member of Prestige Group divisions which share the Company’s overall mission which is that of high corporate standards and uncompromising values. Each Prestige Group member aspires to become the market leader in its market and to set an even higher level of quality standards. The rapid growth and solid development of Prestige Group divisions business is the result of the building and strengthening of partnerships with domestic companies and of our foreign counter parts as well as the continual increase in the number of our loyal customers.

The professionalism coupled with deep market knowledge and effectiveness in each field of the performance, has further contributed to positioning ARTO ESTATES firmly in the Real Estate market.

Interesting Facts

The people who inhabited Cyprus Copper and Bronze Age were one of the richest and most famous in the world. While on the island were huge deposits of copper, which was mined in large quantities and exported to other countries of the world!

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